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kids create change

is a grassroots organization created to engage young people in art-based community development

and social justice work.

we stand against racism and

base our work on antiracist practices.


we are committed to ensuring all Evanston children and teens have opportunities for art and social-emotional engagement, and that bbipoc and low-income families have access to our programs and resources. 

we are in solidarity with our

black neighbors and will

continue to collaborate with local organizations and community partners who are leading the fight for equity and racial justice.


talking to kids about

race and racism

we are dedicated to providing free social-emotional resources for kids and teens, and support for the adults who care for and work with them.

visit our resource pages that focus on how we can address race and racism with kids and what we can do to model antiracism for young people.

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Kids Create Change is an organization that employs art to promote social-emotional development, socio-cultural awareness, and collective social action.  Our mission is to engage young people in art-based community development.


Through participatory art projects, collaborative art-making, and public exhibition we create opportunities that increase visibility and elevate the voices of young people in our community.  We offer a space where kids and teens can develop creative problem-solving skills and generate art-based solutions to address social issues that have both grassroots and global impact.


Our model for working with kids, families, schools, and communities is centered on the visioning and creation of a new society through collective care, relationship building, promoting connection among and across groups of people, and building coalitions in our community that include young people.  We provide programming and opportunities that are developmentally informed, culturally relevant, inclusive of diverse backgrounds and abilities, equitable in access, sensitive to emotional and psychological concerns, trauma-informed and grounded in antiracist practices.

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