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The Kids Create Change blog has lots of ideas for art making with kids at home! You'll also find sources for addressing difficult emotions in creative ways and engaging kids and families art making activities that can encourage conversation about difficult or challenging topics.


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Connecting with Art in Your Community

See what our local artists and arts organizations are offering!

Evanston Art Center

Art Makers Outpost

Evanston Made

Evanston Public Library

Open Studio Project

Art Encounter

Evanston Parks and Recreation

Kindness in Action (2020 Year of Kindness and Nonviolent Action Initiative)

City of Evanston

'The Arts in Evanston' Documentary

Evanston Public Art - Map


Connecting with Others Around the World Through Art

Explore the ways that people around the world are using creativity to express themselves and connect with each other!

Balcony Concerts

Orchestra Music

Music and Dance


Street Art


‘andrà tutto bene’​

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